Grenada Economic Investment Program (GEIP)

Grenada Economic Investment Program Introduction

Global demand for citizenship-by-investment programs has never been greater, and the programs themselves have never been more competitive. There are many reasons for this worldwide phenomenon, but in the end it boils down to a mutual benefit; a country’s ability to infuse its economy with foreign capital, and investors’ desire to capitalize on the many advantages of a second citizenship. For example, many international investors are motivated by the freedom to travel without a visa, ability to shelter personal wealth, or the enhancement of health care and educational opportunities that such programs can potentially offer them. The benefits of second citizenship are numerous, and as diverse as the investors who pursue them.

Whatever the motivations, one of the safest and most competitive Citizenship by Investment programs available to immigrant investors today also happens to be the most recent, namely the Grenada Economic Investment Program (“GEIP”). This program, newly enacted by the Government of Grenada, offers foreign nationals a path to Grenadian citizenship in exchange for a minimum investment of $200,000 USD (plus administrative fees) toward the direct advancement of Grenada’s economy and infrastructure.

Advantages of Grenada Economic Investment Program

The GEIP is highly competitive in the benefits it extends to qualified investors.

• Requires less investment capital than many similar programs.

• Participation in the program is safe for qualified investors because the Grenadian Government will secure the investment bonds.

• The GEIP will also allow investors to fast track their application and receive tax incentives through additional investment in the form of bonds or high-end real estate assets in Grenada.

• After becoming a permanent resident based on investment, an investor may apply for full citizenship in Grenada and all the freedoms and liberties that come with it. Grenadian citizenship entitles the holder to a share in the commonwealth of the nation like any other natural born citizen. This is significant because of the potential sharing of windfall profits from Grenada’s hitherto untapped oil and natural gas reserves.

• On top of all this, GEIP investors will have the opportunity to live in one of the most beautiful locations in the world. Grenada combines the mystique of yesteryear’s authentic Caribbean style with the modern luxuries of today’s world. The “Spice Isle” offers some of the world’s most exotic spices, natural tropical vegetation, cooling breezes, exquisite beaches, and aqua-marine waters. The country itself remains natural, unspoiled, and offers breathtakingly stunning sights at every turn.