Grenada Economic Investment Immigration Requirements and Fees

Investment Requirements, fees and charges

Investment in the NTF via the Grenada Economic Investment Program (GEIP) requires an investment of US$200,000 plus administrative, legal, and governmental fees for due diligence, application preparation, and submission to the Grenadian Government. Overall fees are US$350,000. Once approved, you,your spouse, dependent children under 25 and parents are guaranteed the right to become full Grenadian citizens.


Required Documents

• Application Form – Family Members
• Color copy of all passports possessed (first 3 and last 3 pages of each)
• 6 passport photographs
• Color copy of all current national identity cards possessed
• Verification of support documents for Citizenship or Permanent Residence
• Birth and adoption records and certificates
• Non-Criminal Records Certification
• Certified copy of marriage and divorce certificates
• Certified college or university transcripts for children over 18 (if applicable)
• Bank reference

Application time

The applicant processing for citizenship and passport will be completed within three to five months.