The Grenadian Government National Transformation Fund (NTF)

The Grenadian Government National Transformation Fund Introduction

In 2013, the Grenadian Government established the National Transformation Fund (“NTF”) as the investment vehicle for the transformation of the nation’s economy. It raises capital in part through the Grenada Economic Investment Program and is authorized by the Citizenship by Investment Act of 2013 (the “Act”). The NTF will finance various projects in Grenada to the benefit of the country and also of investors who work with the Fund.

Benefits of Grenadian Government National Transformation Fund


Financial Benefits

• Participant-investors in Grenada’s National Transformation Fund will be granted preferred investor status and will share in the country’s future growth and prosperity. Drivers of this growth and potential windfall profit include rapid growth in trade, tourism, hydrocarbon development, and real estate. Grenada is situated adjacent to Venezuela and Trinidad & Tobago – both rich in oil and natural gas reserves – and will benefit greatly from development of its unexplored natural resources.

• Preferred investors in the NTF are eligible for favorable tax treatment of any businesses they create or finance in Grenada.

• They also have the opportunity to participate in major projects such as hotels, alternative energy, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), and infrastructure development. Examples of such projects include a new Sandals hotel, major wind turbine projects in Carriacou with European Union financing, and expansion of Grenada’s spice trade to China.

Other Benefits

• Foreign investors in the NTF also benefit from freedom to travel to many countries visa-free, including the UK and most other European (Schengen) countries

• Peace of mind of holding a Second Citizenship

• Grenadian citizens qualify for other economic immigration programs (USA and Commonwealth)

• Reduced tuition for St. George’s University Medical School and other colleges and universities around the world

• E-2 treaty status with the United States (Easy to enter and work in the United States)